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William and Kate going to India

The future heir to the British throne, Prince William and Kate Middleton to visit India on Sunday. They will meet with Bollywood stars. Spend time with the children from the slums of Mumbai.
Rajadampati official visit for the first time in the sub-continent. William’s late mother Diana would go to the Taj Mahal in Agra memory.
Rajadampati go to Bhutan from India. There they will meet with the king and queen of Bhutan. See the Himalayan region.
Since December last year, William and Kate visit different countries, one after another. The United States, Japan and China visited.
Kensington Palace spokesman said, India and Bhutan tour this rajadampatira objective is to strengthen relations with the United Kingdom. William and Kate visit to the glorious traditions of India would be familiar with.
William and Kate will go to New Delhi on Monday. Underwood loves Kate. Kajirana National Park in Assam on Tuesday and Wednesday they’ll go to the forest.
Sarlatake children leaving home to visit George and William and Kate

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